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Best 150 to 250 lens for Canon full frame?

I have a Sigma APO 150 mm f/2.8 that I use to my Canon full frame EOS 6D. It's good and I'm satisfaid with it.

But what alternatives are there. The Canon 200 f/2.8L has always had a good reputation. But how is it today, are there other lenses that out perform the Canon 200 lens or my Sigma 150 mm lens?

It should have a focal length of about 150 to 220 mm, not too heavy, f/4 is enough if it perform well. Low vignetting even at full frame.

What is the shortest focal length APO tripple lens telescope, included field flattener for full frame. I think I have seen one with 350 FL. But even if I find one I think they will be too heavy and clumsy.

It shall be a part of my astro travel equipment.

Any ideas?

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This is what I have today:

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