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Weather is brilliant today so tried some solar imaging. haven't processed it yet but also tested the Peltier and AS!120 combo.
Ambient was 16.2* about 10 am, at 5v to TEC and fan I got to 8.8* within 10 mins and it held there. So switched to 12v and within 15 mins I was at 2* and still sinking. About 20 mins later I had -4* and ice film forming on the sensor (I'd taken the IR filter out ). By this time ambient was at 20* so 24* delta no problem. Ice\Dew is now the problem !!
How the heck do you manage that ?
How do the professional Astro cameras manage it ?
I've fitted the IR window back on to seal the sensor off but I may have to give the camera a gentle warm up to dry it right out and reseal it. Then the problem becomes how to keep dew\ice off the window ?
I'm contemplating using a wee tube to blow a fraction of the warmed air from the fan on the heat sink onto the window. Possibly a light draft might just keep it clear.

Hopefully the weather will hold this evening and I'll have a go with guiding and the DSLR with a CLS filter in front.

Better go and process some solar for now, if it's any good I'll post something up of the big sunspot currently visible.
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