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Originally Posted by JohnH View Post

The QHY5/Starshoot/QGuider etc were, at one point in time, all the same camera, the only difference was the VID/PID settings in the camera's firmaware which could be set/reset using the attached VIDPROGRAM tool, to use it:

Click on "Start", then select "Run".
Enter "CMD" to start a dos shell.
Change directory to where you have the program stored. eg C:\Qguider\ .


VIDPROGRAM on its own returns the current firmware settings.

vidprogram/? Displays the options.

I really, really suggest that you make a note of the programs returned values so you can reset in the event of trouble. If you get any error/oddness at this point STOP!

NOTE: IIRC you must unplug/replug the camera after each vidprogram operation (even the read operation) before using vidprogram again.

If your camera has responded ok to then you can try the following

USAGE : VIDPROGRAM o Programs the QHY CMOS VID/PID (1618:0901)

USAGE : VIDPROGRAM vvvv pppp Programs the given VID(vvvv) PID(pppp)

BOTH VALUES MUST BE IN HEXDECIMAL vvv is limited to 16C0 // 1718 // 1618

You can double check that it has worked by running vidprogram again without any options. It will display the VID and PID values of the camera.

I did this a while ago to get my QHY5 to be a Qguider so I could use it with Guidemaster - and it worked. I have is re-set to QHY5 these days as that model is now widely supported.
The problem with this methid is that you have to have the old drivers running on the puter for vidprogram to work. Mine is also set to a qguider as this worked better originally. I haven't been able to change it back to a QHY5 so it will work with the ASCOM drivers. For the moment I'm leaving it as a qguider as this works well with guidemaster.
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