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Originally Posted by PRejto View Post
Hello Ernie (and all),

If I get further info on how to convert an Orion to a QH5Y I will post it!

The QHY5/Starshoot/QGuider etc were, at one point in time, all the same camera, the only difference was the VID/PID settings in the camera's firmaware which could be set/reset using the attached VIDPROGRAM tool, to use it:

Click on "Start", then select "Run".
Enter "CMD" to start a dos shell.
Change directory to where you have the program stored. eg C:\Qguider\ .


VIDPROGRAM on its own returns the current firmware settings.

vidprogram/? Displays the options.

I really, really suggest that you make a note of the programs returned values so you can reset in the event of trouble. If you get any error/oddness at this point STOP!

NOTE: IIRC you must unplug/replug the camera after each vidprogram operation (even the read operation) before using vidprogram again.

If your camera has responded ok to then you can try the following

USAGE : VIDPROGRAM o Programs the QHY CMOS VID/PID (1618:0901)

USAGE : VIDPROGRAM vvvv pppp Programs the given VID(vvvv) PID(pppp)

BOTH VALUES MUST BE IN HEXDECIMAL vvv is limited to 16C0 // 1718 // 1618

You can double check that it has worked by running vidprogram again without any options. It will display the VID and PID values of the camera.

I did this a while ago to get my QHY5 to be a Qguider so I could use it with Guidemaster - and it worked. I have is re-set to QHY5 these days as that model is now widely supported.
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