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Hi Humi,

Oh my God that shot is amazing! That's exactly one type of shot I would like to take.

CSI Miami does that sometimes - they get the sky to be deep red or black. I also saw a wonderful landscape shot of the Blue Mountains with very dark blue/ almost black skies. It looked fabulous.

So you used stacked filters eh?

With the 14-24 it also has a lens hood so I could potentially put it up against the hood. I think though I am likely to shoot with the 24-70 F2.8 more often.

I also like to shoot mosaic panoramas with several rows of images. Because I shoot these in manual mode, exposure is locked and I think a filter would be good to introduce during the rows that shoot the sky.

I have seen that dark cloud effect you mentioned.

Have you ever used variable circular ND filters?

I read an article yesterday about stacking 2 polarisers. You spin them and they will black out the view at some point. Although I am not sure if it affects colour as when it blacked out it was really a deep blue. I'll have to test that as its very convenient to simply stack 2 polarisers on your lens and spin them against each other.

Do you have a website for your images?



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