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Thanks for your imaging efforts on southern galaxies; we really need them......amazingly, the southern sky is so poorly known and imaged that amateur images of many fairly bright galaxies will turn out to be the best images ever made of these objects.

Yeah, the IC 1459 group deserves to be better known than it is, though admittedly the member galaxies are quite small.
Overall, it is a pretty scene; with plenty of unusual galaxies thrown in to add scientific interest.

IC 1459 is nominally an elliptical galaxy, but I found on Mike Sidonio's image of this galaxy group that this galaxy has a "core + halo" structure indicative that there may be a more extended disk(possibly planar) component which extends outside of the spheroidal ("elliptical") component of this galaxy.
This would make it an S0 galaxy rather than an elliptical.


N7418A is a faint and unusual object; the regions outside of its bulge are very L.S.B. even on DSS it would be tough to bring out the structure of this object in an image.
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