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Orion Starshoot Autoguider - problem

Bought this autoguider back in Feb and have had it working on an old XP machine. Last night, when the camera was plugged into the usual USB port, it identified new hardware and asked for drivers. I reloaded the software and drivers, which may have been an error. The PHD software said "no camera" and after a cycle or two of uninstalling and reinstalling, the computer no longer recognised "new hardware" or knew anything about the device. On autoplay the CD opened with the software in notepad, so I used explorer to get to PHD installation and the drivers. All those appeared to load properly. Giving that up, I tried on the Vista laptop, autoplay similarly opening with notepad so I repeated the process. Laptop did not find drivers and said device wasn't compatible with Vista 32bit, which should not be the case. Searching the web I find one other person who has experienced the same problem, but his fix didn't work for me. Binocular and Telescope are not familiar with this problem. Any advice will be welcome.
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