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Originally Posted by tlgerdes View Post
Hi Mark,

What is your experience with Astronomy/Astrophotography? This may give people a better idea of what to recommend.

The longer the focal length, the harder and more critical the guiding is.

Things like Hyperstar are more for people for advance optical skills. Taking a corrector off an SCT and replacing the secondary is not to be taken lightly.
Actually, no. As long as you have a hyperstar compatible scope (which the C11 should be), it's relatively easy to install a hyperstar lens. The secondaries of the SCT's just screw out...replacing them is just as easy as the secondary mirrors are indexed and won't go in any way, other than the way they were fitted as. However, converting a scope to hyperstar compatibility is something else. That requires removal of the corrector plate and is quite a bit more delicate procedure, but with careful removal it can be done.
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