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If that is how it sounded Theo, then you are right, I didn't word it correctly. That was not what I was saying at all.. I know every manufacturer has similar instances of random errors and failures during the manufacturing process...

With my initial post mentioning a few annoying problems I had with my QHY camera, essentially, they were all able to be worked around, and now, I believe they have been solved (QHY8 dewing, DC-101 S-Video socket not lining up with the hole in the box making it difficult to get a good connection etc.) I know you can now get the heating ring for the QHY8 nose piece to stop the dewing, or as I did, wrapping a dew heater around the nose piece, and the DC-101 I shaved the hole in the box so that the S-Video lead could more easily be firmly seated in the socket.. Not major problems, but an annoyance untill they are sufficiently worked around or solved..

Apologies the way things were worded.. I meant no disrespect to you or QHY..
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