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Alex, sometimes you make claims without understanding either the history or situation.
Example :

No user should have to open a camera up to clean up the factory soldering mishaps.. It just shouldn't ever be necessary.. "

Yes, your right here, but you fail to realise that he could have just sent it in. But the user, like many of us, dont want to be without our toys for too long, so requested info, and QHY provided that, which he decided to take up on his own, and fixed him himself without sending it out.
Of course the right thing was to return it. But im sure you change your own plugs and filters on your car without taking it back to the dealer ?.
This has NO bearing on QHY, or be it any manufacturer, if the user decides to take up repairs themselves. Yet you made it sound as if you are left in the lurch to do it all yourself. Also, beleive me, EVERY manufacturer has these failures/faults, not limited to one. But again, made it sound as if QHY was the only ones failing.

I do get the gist of what your saying, its just not put into words correctly.

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