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Again, I never said that the QHY9 was a bad camera, or less value for money than the SBIG or any other KAF8300 based CCD..

I'm pretty sure that my first post mentioned that the QHY9 or the ST8300 would serve the original poster very well, I also mentioned that I had no experience first hand with the QHY9, although, I do know a fair few people who own them, and have had long discussions with them about the camera as I myself was going to buy one... The ST8300 was released at nearly $600 cheaper, I bought one. Simple as that.

I did also mention that now, the QHY9 setup including CFW and filters is a hell of a lot cheaper than buying the ST8300 + CFW, + filters etc etc.

Yeah, pretty sure I had nothing negative to say in the first place, hence not really understanding where all this hoo har has come from...

Doug - No matter who the "2 minute experts" comment was pointed at, its still condescending.. I was of the opinion that it was directed at me, because, A) as I had said, I have no experience with the QHY9.. and B) You've said that same thing in other threads where I've posted an opinion before.. Ok, I made an assumption, and apparently I was wrong. but if not me, who? if it wasn't directed at anyone, then why would you say it?

Theo - Yes, they are outdated links, and I know the dewing/frosting problem has been sorted with the internal heater that you designed. I have spoken to many actual Aussie owners, including yourself reguarding the QHY9, and agree, as I did in my first post in this thread, that both cameras are excellent value for money..

I sure hope that we all understand that we've all be saying the same thing, and the argument is over...
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