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I went for the SBIG ST8300 as at the time it was cheaper than the QHY9 by about $600 AUD. Now that the ST8300 is paid for the QHY9 has dropped quite a packet in price.. Some places in the US are advertising them at $2100USD with the wheel and filters...

The price however was not the only reason I went for the SBIG over the QHY9. There's just something about SBIG cameras... They work... Pure functionality... I'm not saying the QHY9 doesn't, I've got no experience first hand with the QHY9, however my QHY8, whilst it was a great camera, had its quirks, and little annoyances... Both the SBIG cameras I've owned in the past have been fantastic cameras, real work horses. Their overall design, fit and finish are fantastic etc...

Delivery is expected between christmas and new years..

As for filters/filter wheel.. The SBIG has a female T-thread on it, so the Orion 2" motorised wheel is a direct fit to the ST8300, you could get the QHY filter wheel and fit that straight up... Being the extremist that I am, I went for the FLI 7 position 2" filter wheel, and had to get some adapters custom made to fit it all up, however this setup is likely to be a real performer..

Either the ST8300 or QHY9 will serve you very well I'm sure.. but going on my experience of the two brands, SBIG is the better of the two...

Note - The SBIG setup will ---WILL--- cost you more money.

SBIG ST8300 - $2900ish AUD
Orion 2" 5 Position CFW - $650AUD
LRGB filters - $895 (Astronomik Type II)

QHY9 + QHY CFW + QHY RGB filters - $2700AUD if you order now from Gama (Theo) Add in the price of a good lum filter, like the Baader U filter and you're looking at $3050 total... Maybe throw in a 2" Ha filter as well to fill the CFW up, so you're looking at $3450 or there abouts....

The ST8300 + CFW with no filters is going to cost you that much... then a further 900 or there abouts for top of the line 2" LRGB filters..
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