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I am poised at the edge of the diving board, ready to leap into the unknown.

Both Peter and Theo have been very helpful in answering my questions. The new SBIG 8300 and QHY9 mono cameras use the same chip and have similar specs. They both look like great cameras and I have drooled over them for some time.

The big difference in price centres on the filters and filter wheels and the excellent reputation of SBIG.

I have 2 inch Ha and OIII filters so I'm leaning towards the 2 inch rather than the 36mm filter wheel that SBIG is proposing to introduce.

So my question is simple - is the additional cost of the SBIG set up worth it for me?

I use an 8 inch schmidt newtonian operating at f4. I am in light polluted Sydney only 7 km from the CBD.

I'd appreciate any guidance from you all.

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