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Well illustrated Peter

Peter Wards HST Helix composition perfectly illustrates where astroimaging contests could go if we are not careful. I know we don't see eye to eye on everything Peter ...but you have illusrtrated the point perfectly.

Jase you just don't get it... what you did with the 24" is only marginally different to what Peter has done mate, sorry (of course Peter Hubbles version was MUCH better ). In fact, the fact that you had some "control" of "your" Hubble makes it even more unfair if anything!

Acording to your argument Jase, in essence Peter should be happily allowed to enter that image in the next SPSP astroimaging contest or the 2009 David Malin awards or any other imaging contest that doesn't specifically preclude such an effort.

As far as I am concerned, the minor differences you highlight are just that, and are of little consequence as far as what the essence of an amateur imaging contest should be.

The only issue here is whether your image should be accepted in an amateur imaging contest, the process you employed in actually taking it and constructing an image is not out of order here at all and you or anyone else can use your money as you please, it is not illegal and the results are obviously superb .

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