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I had my 80mm triplet out early this morning and after a quick tour of 47 Tuc and a few nebulae (Crab, Orion & M78), I decided to see if I could locate some guide stars for the Horsehead Nebula.

I have previously seen the Flame, but never the Horsehead Nebula. Initially, I could not see the Flame with the 80mm. However, as I overcame my mistakes in identifying guide stars, I became better, light adapted and realised that the slight annoying haze that I was seeing was not light cloud, but actually Nebula.

I did not see the Horsehead and I did not have time to set up a more substantial scope, as dawn was approaching.

I will try again tomorrow morning with my Vixen 140mm. I am feeling hopeful, as the Moon will also be less of an issue (below 10%?) and I now know exactly where to look.
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