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I find the SunCalc App to be excellent for meridian alignment.,1...1.15/13:31/1/0
Just enter your location (You'll get that from GPS or Google maps) and the date.
(I set up my portable HEQ5 for solar observing by using the aligned finder (fitted with a solar filter). The top of the EQ head is set horizontal using a spirit level, counterweights down. Set the Dec using the circles to the solar Dec (as given) and check the solar image is visible in the finder...tweak as necessary. Use the alt/az adjusting bolts to bring the solar image exactly in the middle of the cross wires at the specified time. Perfect meridian alignment. Sound complex but like many things in life - the first time is the most difficult - after that it's a piece of cake! I've now marked the tripod feet position on the deck and find that works now 99% of the time.)
Hope that helps.
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