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Decoupling is to prevent potential instability in a linear regulator. Personally, all my project use Switching regulators that have higher efficiency, especially useful for battery-powered applications.

Decoupling capacitors are placed on both the input and output.

Ripple is another factor but is in most cases covered in the power supply or the battery.

The best thing is to look at the datasheet as a way of verifying the decoupling requirements.

I am moving to Adelaide next week, and so I will not be looking at posts shortly so get your questions in. I don't have the time at the moment to look at datasheets, only provide general information until I move.
Top it off I will be reviewing a Bluetooth Mesh development system for IoT and will be busy with that for a while.


Originally Posted by RussellH View Post
Thanks for the info.

This is the specific unit I was thinking of.

I’m an electronics tinkerer, not an expert, so a bit unsure about the decoupler concerns. Wouldn’t a decoupler normally go between Vcc and Gnd? Vcc isn’t active on EQDirect cable, so what noise suppression is required? How exactly have you handled this?

Thanks. Russell.
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