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IC 434 and B33 in Orion

Following Mirko’s observations and comments using an 8” dob I focused on IC434 with my 140mm refractor at the Ben Lomond Star Party last Saturday night to see what was possible.

Ben Lomond provided clear, dark skies at an altitude of approx 1500 metres
Transparency - 8/10
Seeing - 9/10
Vixen NA140SS with 20mm eyepiece giving 40X with 3.5 mm exit pupil.

Initially, nothing was visible given the dominating glare of Zeta Orion. However, moving Zeta Orion just outside the FOV reduced the glare and made a significant difference.

A faint elongated brighter area, too faint to even be described as a haze, was clearly visible. The position of this brighter area corresponded closely to the location of the brighter eastern side of the emission region. The observation did not require averted vision, nor nudging of the scope. Two other observers sharing the scope at the time had no trouble seeing the same brighter area.

We were content with this observation, noting that there was no prospect of seeing any detail or structure. The Horsehead was clearly out of reach at this aperture.


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