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Originally Posted by lepton3 View Post

Here's what the setup looks like on my C11 with the 2.5x Powermate. I have a JMI motofocus, which is not ideal; there is a fair bit of image shift when you are cranked up at long f.l.. If I was putting together the dream planetary imaging rig I would use a zero image shift focuser.

Others have mentioned the DBK colour cameras, which I do not have experience with, but I wouldn't doubt the results that John for example has been getting. Only thing is, as I mentioned, you are limited when it comes to filters e.g. UV on Venus is not possible.

Also agree, for full disc solar and lunar work, the DMK21 sensor size is a bit small, and a DMK31 or 41 might be better. But my Canon 400D works fine for these targets. For full disc I usually take a max of about 30 images and stack them.

thanks Ivan for the setup pic and the advice do you use the iccapture software or something else?
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