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Originally Posted by Poita View Post
I have yet to see better results from the DMK21 than the DBK21, and the DBK21 being colour is far less hassle.
Of course if you are interested in doing IR on the planets then get a DBK21 and a filter wheel.

For solar, a mono camera is less of a pain though, but the DMK21 really means you are left with mosaics due to the chip size.

If I was buying on a budget, I'd get a DBK21 for planetary and a BMK41 for solar and lunar work, and use the DBK21 for lunar if/when you want colour.

If I had more money, I'd get the point grey cameras instead.

I know the prevailing thought is that the DMK with filters will kill the DBK one shot colour, but for planets I haven't found this to be the case.
I think the reason is that you can only get short exposures on the planets because of rotation, so for example if you can only get 3 minutes total exposure before rotation smears away the detail, then that leaves you with 1min of red, 1min of blue, 1min of green when using the mono cam with filters.
With the colour camera, although your resolution is theoretically less for each channel, you are getting longer exposures per channel, you effectively get 3mins of red, 3mins of green, 3mins of blue, and more importantly they are temporally the same.
The stacking procedure recovers a lot of that resolution per channel loss, by having more data (longer exposure) for each channel, so in the end, the results seem close to identical when I have imaged both ways (I have both cameras).

For Solar though, Mono is far less work and gives better results.

For the cost of a DMK21 + filters + Wheel you can almost get a DBK21 *and* a DMK41 which is far better suited for solar work.
thanks Peter. that almost makes sense i have a dmk41 but the option of getting a usb3 flea seems very tempting. i bought a usb3 expansion for the laptop in anticipation? but as to what i order?
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