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Well, I'm pleased with my mono Imaging Source DMK21AU04, although now you would obviously get the 618 version for a usable 60fps.

To go with it you'd need a filter wheel and LRGB filters -- I saved a few bucks and bought a manual wheel and the Orion filter set and have not been disappointed, but most serious imagers seem to be using Astronomik or others. Automatic filter wheel would be more convenient, but not a big deal for me.

You absolutely must have electric focus.

Depending on the f.l. of the OTA, you'd need some amount of barlows or powermates for the planets, possibly a focal reducer for the sun. I'm happy with my TV 2.5x powermate. It's good with my C11 for Jupiter and Saturn. I use a 2x barlow + extender for Mars, Venus, and Mercury, but I think a 5x powermate would be better.

The critical choice is between mono and colour. It's more hassle to do mono, but it allows you to use UV, IR and narrow band filters, so this is my preference.

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