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Smile Ok now what way do i point it

k i hvae had the blue teloscope for about 4 years i got it a dicksmiths for $100 and works well the stand has been very good and holds the scope and moves well ,For $100 new Greats i say with 5 eyes peices 114 cm

The other as u can see is a 12 inch , that i got from andewrs communications with a 10/1 grayford 4 eyes peices 1 a 2 inh for $700 , I am very happy with the teleoscope the 12inch is great , its a bit hard to move around but will if in my geatz , the hard part if finding what u want to look at , i am still finding it hard to find some thining s but i think we all are so there u go for under $1000 i can see far far out there in the the black
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