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Thought i should make a few updates here;

There is a typo in my first post but i don't appear to be able to edit it anymore.
Anti-blooming on the KAF8300 is in fact 1000x not 100x. You can thank Starlight Xpress' webpage for that typo.

Also, Atik have in fact released their 694 camera - Atik 460EX.
It is compared with the SX camera over here:

The Atik version seems to rate very well, where as the SX version has a pretty bad set of results.

I have since expanded my views even further and whilst i liked the Sony have decided that either the KAF8300 or KAI4022 would suit me better. At this stage the KAF8300 is winning purely due to cost, but the KAI4022 is a nice looking chip.
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