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Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
F3.0 is *very* terse with focus....

An AP RHA ...something I do indeed covet... is a different beastie entirely to the Italian job Bert is considering (hey..don't get me probably know what car I adore and drive )

I suppose what I am saying is at "the edge of the envelope" mechanical considerations are just as important as the optical ones.
Yes I know which car you drive, wish I could afford one too.

Perhaps the Italian scope is a bit different but the same was being bandied around a couple of years ago about a humble 8" RC. True the price is pretty high, but I gather from checking out the other gear these guys make (it is not the first time I have come across their gear) it is all precision made. It is even red like your car. I reckon buying it locally is a good idea for warrantee purposes. Worth a punt I think. Then again I tend to be an early adopter, so I tend to take a few risks.
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