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Searching for Travolta...

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Originally Posted by astroron View Post
Great Report Suzy , Oh how I wish my reports could show how much I enjoy observing as your's do.
That you found Centaurus A after all that time is a credit to your persistence
Now it is time for you to look for some really difficult objects
keep up the good work
Thanks Ron. It's easy to be enthusiastic this past year (because of the poor weather) - just to get a break in the clouds nearly brings tears of excitement to my eyes.
I'll stick to the easy ones for the time being and slowly work my way up, that way I can learn better, and yes I know you were polking fun at me anyway.

Originally Posted by erick View Post
Congratulations on nabbing Centaurus A!

I must have another look at NGC 3766 - the Pearl Cluster.
Aye, Eric. All that blood, sweat and tears is behind me now.
....until my next challenge . I'm sure it is quite an easy object for most of you'll who are more experienced. I've only gotten two galaxies so far - the other being M104 (from home as well). I'll get better with time. I don't count Andromeda galaxy as a nab for me as Ron lined it up and showed it to me at his star party. I didn't want to find any others until I got Centaurus A under my belt.

Originally Posted by Lismore Bloke View Post
Suzy that report was just beautiful. Your descriptions convey your enthusiasm so well.
Congratulations on finding some very nice objects, including a couple that I haven't seen yet. Well done, Paul.
Thank you so much Paul. I wonder how many different ways I can describe those objects, I'm sure there is a limit.

Originally Posted by adman View Post
Nice one suzy. Your reports are the ones that make me wonder what the hell I am doing mucking about with this imaging stuff!

As an aside, I am very intrigued by the theme of your post...a night with centaurus, a fling with crux, not to mention all the drooling over Messrs Cox and Travolta. I tell you what - those blokes better watch out if you ever DO get your hands on them!

Then you should read my obs report, "A Night With Binoculars"
I was more faithful with my binos though - no flings and bits on the side. See size really doesn't matter. Why not romanticise the stars I say. They are quite dreamy.
If hubby knew how to track Travolta & Cox down he would present them to me wrapped up in bows just to get me out of my misery. This is his ongoing response to me: :roll eyes:
Why... he didn't even mind spending ages printing out a photo at Hardly Normal of Brian & I, even though it was fake, just to get me out of my misery. (Did I just admit that?! - blame jjj) There is no cure, he just knows it's best to go with it.

Originally Posted by barx1963 View Post
Interesting discusion here. Suzy, if changing the EP is moving your scope, it may need some mods. If it is mainly in Az that it is moving, go and get some self adhesive felt pads that they use on furniture (Woolies sell them) and pop them between the two parts of your base. Slows it down a fair bit. Sorry if you have already done this but since I did, made changing EPS so simple
Aye! Malcom, my scope needs quite a bit of attention. Hubby just hasn't had the time to do it as we have been spending the last few months renovating. We've been living amongst chaos .
Heavy and large eyepieces don't help with a wobbly scope. It does help when I tighten the friction handles as tight as they can go and then I have to be ever so careful. When I had my 6" scope, he did mods on it and it was moving so beautifully smooth. The 10" that I bought was tragic. It was extremely stiff to move. Depending on how high the scope is aiming and the tension on the handles at the time, it boings around like one giant spring. Ron will testify to that - I think I made him dizzy . To get my red dot finder to sit on a star takes me a while sometimes. And my focusser isn't on it either. I don't need all these extra challenges, it's hard enough as it is , I think I'm a legend just to get what I do and remain sane . Lucky I'm persistant. Weirdly enough, I've become quite used to it (I've had this dob since July last year). Maybe hubby is fed up of modifying dobs for me
I will remember what you said though (about the felt pads) when it comes time to work on my dob. Honestly though, why can't the manufacturers just go that little bit extra and make them work properly. I don't think there is anyone I know without a dob that hasn't modified them. It would be worth the extra $50 to spend.
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