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Hi Robert,
What a truly lovely, touching and heart felt reply. I thank you so much. It is so rewarding knowing that what I'm trying to convey is well received.

Thank you also for the helpful hints and I very much enjoyed your story.
I start looking with a 22mm and then bring the object in. I know the pain of trying to find things at high mag- it's torturous, and the silly thing is determination (or sillyness) goes with the challenge, until eventually, one gives up after wasting precious clear sky time. All because one (moi) can't be bothered to change eye pieces. But then I always manage to knock the scope when I change eye pieces and have to go and find it again (no finder scope remember) . Someone please give my hubby a boot to hurry up and do it for me...
Oops, I actually just realised I forgot to list all my equipment used on my obs report, so I must go and edit.

I use a combination of charts as well as printed software charts. My dear astro friend and mentor calls me "lady of the star charts". I haven't got my finderscope on my dob yet- need to drill more holes and another dove plate put in as my red dot finder is on the scope instead. So, on that alone, I think I'm legendary just to find anything!

And in answer to your question, I was observing from light polluted suburbia. Tho it's not too bad I guess if I can make out E.Carinae and it's nebula & 47 Tuc naked eye.

Your galaxy work sounds very interesting, I would love to hear what it is you do.

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