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Originally Posted by jahnpahwa View Post
Thats a heavily constrained criteria for purchase!
The only thing that comes to mind for me is the skywatcher evostar 72ed, with flattener I guess the will get it done within budget?

The orion 80ED might be close, but with reducer is more like 700USD+ for your speed requirements.
The price is only for the scope, not for accessories coming or necessary for it such as focuser or reducer/flattener/corrector, so only calculate the scope price without any extras, the extras will have another separate budget later after done with scopes first.

Well, i already looked at 72mm scopes, not bad, they are in my mind or the Wishlist, but not yet confirmed to be the only or final choice.

Remember, it doesn't have to be a refractor, i do have 6" F/4 Newtonian, it is not much heavy really, but i don't know if my mount can handle two 6" F4 Newt with access.

Thanks for answering me at least, so appreciate it
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