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Really needing 2 scopes

Hi again,

I asked this question before but i wasn't very specific about it, now i have to be much specific and narrowed in requirements or points of those two scopes, hope i can get the answer.

1. They must be the same exactly, like i buy two pieces and not different, so if 80mm APO then both are 80APO same FL, or 10" SCT then both are 10" SCT of same brand and so on, not one 80mm and other 120mm or one 6" and another 8".

2. They must be cheap, means one isn't more than $600 so both are maximum to US$1200.

3. Lightweight, means less then 8KG for one as i will add accessories, hopefully they are not exceeding 15KG both with accessories, i use AZ-EQ6.

4. FOV or FL is in the range of 400-650mm, no 200-300mm and no longer than 700mm anyway.

5. Both are fast, means no slower than F/6, unless i get f/7 then using a powerful reducer such as 0.7x for example.

6. Both are good for RGB, narrowbanding isn't an issue, but i won't make this RGB as must, so if it can produce nice RGB then fine, if not then NB is the main reason/purpose, i am using mono and OSC [cooled, no DSLR].

Urgent and very necessary please, so waiting your recommendations.
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