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Originally Posted by astroron View Post
I see M33 in there as well
I'll have to have another look for that.

Originally Posted by alan meehan View Post
wonderfull shot Greg from where did you take it from
Bigga NSW about 225km inland from Sydney (Campbelltown) and 710 metres altitude. Often has clear nights as weather gets caught on the eastern side of the Great Dividing Range but occasionally it gets caught on the eastern side. It amazes me often, it can be completely cloudy and once the sun goes down it can clear up. Like last night, completely cloudy then at around 7pm not a cloud in the sky. Often windy though, but no fog or mists being at altitude and hilly.

This shot was around 4:30am very cold. Venus surprised me.It suddenly appeared as clouds moved away and it was dancing around and I thought it was car headlights at first. Atmospheric refraction is a wild effect sometimes with bright stars/planets low in the sky.

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