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Originally Posted by Outcast View Post
When is the 50" Dob being delivered Alex?
No fifty for me. But I am having trouble deciding what scope to get..this all came about because I wanted a 16 inch which I have decided against...I cantfind anything out there to give any idea how good or bad they are..I ,today at least, am back to a 10 inch with the flash carbon fiber rods ..heck carbon fiber it must be good... or the more expensive 150 Espirit...but I will just do what I want to do to this new building...cement around the legs and pier foundations as I said...and I was just thinking now it really needs it's own power set up...I have some neat flooring to go in..maybe some lining, and I need to give thought to motorising the roof...mmm yes I better think about how to do that..take my mind off astronomy for a while.
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