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Originally Posted by xelasnave View Post
No pier or even a hole..and I don't plan to dig a hole even...Glen I am so damn clever I worked out that I don't need a current plan is to drive in some long star pickets maybe eight with two thirds in the ground and one third above ground...then I will drop rocks on them and let them spread under the floor when I have a big rock pile I will pour cement over them to consolidate rock and star pickets the top add some form work to bring to neatly to the floor..I think I can get maybe a ton and a half mass on top of the ground with star picket fingers holding onto the planet.
I plan to name the observatory The Glen Observatory in recognition of all the help and support you have given me on my return to astrophotography.
There will be a name plate front and rear...I will become Alex of the Glen...I hope you approve...please say if you dont.
Ralp is such a decent man...he even bought some cement blocks and cement squares to provide me with stairs..but I do have plan for a ramp in time.

Alex, you don't owe me anything, happy to help out where I can. I do agree the observatories should have a name. In original Scotish use a Glen is a secluded narrow valley, and a Dale is a depression between hills. Maybe they do work for you.
I understand your pier intentions now, thanks for explaining, it sounds substantial.
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