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Originally Posted by Paul Haese View Post

My only gripe is that this sort of equipment really ought to reside in dark skies with good seeing at a remote facility. I see it as a shame not to have it in such circumstances. Please tell me you are going to set it up at a remote site? You could set it up at my site (bring your own observatory) and just share some of the costs. So long as I get to share some of the data.

Touche' Paul.

I was really keen on a few grassy acres near Oberon, ...but the Vendor thought it was worth the same as a Harbour-side apartment.

Sadly Sydney real estate prices are simply nuts. So much so that they have infected anything within a couple of hours of outer 'burbs to telephone-number-like asking prices..

I could go much further out....(sorry mate, even my over-the-horizon radar won't pick up anything south of the Adelaide hills ) but I like to change cameras/filter wheels/optics from time to a singular purpose, six figure plus, rural plot plus fully remote dome is really hard to justify to the one who must be obeyed.

I looked at i-telescope for about a millisecond....the on-going ROI didn't add up for me.

Sooo...for now at least...the 'scope will stay in The Shire
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