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Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
Is English your first language? ... suggest you re-read my posts where I wrote:

-my old RCOS was clunky compared to the new 'scope
-both of my previous RCOS telescopes were fine instruments.

I'll be blunt. Implying this constitutes a lack of professionalism, bagging of RCOS (they are still fine/excellent/great telescopes) or lack of maturity is pretty twisted logic.

I've also driven a Mustang V8 and Ferrari V8.... the Mustang despite some serious cubic inches is clunky (i.e lacks refinement) IMHO in comparison to the Fezza, but is still a seriously fun sports car.

Iím sorry, but English is not my first language. And yes, they are both fine instruments. But they are merely products that have produced about a decade apart, and the result is different.

Itís amusing how you manage to wiggle in and boast about what you have or drive. I guess that makes you a better person. And Iím truly happy for you.

Oh, and Capish? I really donít understand how that should be taken?

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