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Originally Posted by Terry B View Post
Sadly under "style" the categories, photometry, astrometry, spectroscopy, survey and discovery imaging are missing. I suppose that for most people only pretty pics is all that comes to mind. Maybe the BOSS group and others are wasting their time.
Not so fast! On the contrary Terry.. I whipped this up in a few minutes based on the types of photography I'm familiar with and then posted on IIS to get input from people doing other types of photography so that it could be broadened and challenged to work for as many as possible. It was submitted as an early draft needing consultation - it was certainly not presented as a finished piece! I'll add what I can based on your comment but if you want to develop the thinking in more detail I'll add it later. I'm a big fan of BOSS and had certainly considered spectroscopy etc as another ASV member has been doing some recently. But understand that I literally threw this together this afternoon in a few spare moments (based on some notes) before heading out the door in a rush. I welcome your additions and want to include all of that and more!

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