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Hi Mardy

It looks like your solution about trimming some plastic from the 4 pin
control cable into the camera solved the problem. The camera now
works normally when the plug is pushed further into the socket.

The cable checks out fine so I think that the problem has occurred when the plug has moved in the camera socket during cable shifting during imaging so that the pins on the socket are probably splayed a bit not permitting good contact. Pushing the plug in further allows mating with a bit of unsplayed socket.

This is a lesson learned, so I think I will devise a way of firmly attaching
the cables to the camera with say a metal bracket so that the cables
are held firmly and not allowed to wiggle during imaging. (I did think about replacing the camera socket but this would be hard the way the socket
is imbedded in the camera.)

So many thanks Mardy!

Cheers Peter
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