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Thanks to all for your thoughtful responses, I suppose I am looking for the impossible - a low cost, high reliability and easy to use imaging automation tool. It looks like MaximDL get most of the ticks (except for $$$).

So I am happy to persist with CCDCommander and my hybrid of programs for now - though it is more fraught with danger than a monolithic solution as each product upgrades independantly (eg I had an issue between the Moonlite ASCOM focuser driver and CCDSoft and both CCDSoft and The Sky seem to dislike ASCOM...still I seems to have achieved a useable configuration, my only remainig concern is CCDCommander seems to have slowed the max correction rate I can get out of my AO-8 by apprx 50%.

I will do some more testing when I can but for $100 I think CCDCommander is the go for me.

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