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Hi John,

I'm not a CCDSoft user, however I've used CCDC a lot and never had it fail - very bulletproof. I trialled CCDAP4 and is certainly a nice graphical environment, however crashed on me a few times (BAD!) and wouldn't reliably find a guidestar for me (no doubt a problem with me or my gear, but I couldn't fix it after considerable fiddling and couldn't see much point with automation if this aspect wasn't rock solid). CCDC is considerably cheaper and the support forum is excellent.

I've read reports from far more accomplished imagers saying both products are great and deserve a decent trial to see what fits with your workflow. They each differ a bit in some other nice features (like auto sky flats, guider calibration, mosaics). CCDC is happiest with the full version of Pinpoint (if you go that route).

Sorry I can't comment on the critical aspect of integration with CCDsoft however. Could I suggest you give the trial versions of each a decent go to see if work and are intuitive for you?

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