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I will stick to answering the direct question. I hear where john is coming from, I was in exactly the same position in about 2005.

I have been using CCDCommander with CCDSoft and TheSky for the last few years. I have little bad to say about CCDCommander.

I have never had CCDCommander fail, crash or cause adverse effects as part of operation.

I have had situations where CCDCommander functionality didn't perfectly suit my needs (small, particular differences in needs) and these have been met by the author including changes in the next release to add additional configuration options.

It is important to correctly configure the associated software (CCDSoft, CCDCommander, TheSky, FocusMax) and small configuration changes in those have been the source of most problems I have had. My other problems have come from hardware or not fully taking in to consideration the behavior of hardware and software in error or limit situations such as horizons and meridian. It takes time to learn all this as you go.

I build my scripts via import, where I generate the import file specifically myself in an access database.*

I have used CCD Auto Pilot briefly as a trial product. I found it offered different ways of doing the same thing. It may we'll have additional functionality but it did not offer any improvement in the time it would take to build a script, and that is where my focus was, as it is that which takes the most time and I needed no improvement in the actual execution of the script from what CCDCommander provided me.

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