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When Peter Marples discovered his S/Nova several months ago, we observed it on a 17 inch LCD using a Mallincam video camera on a 12 inch LX200R at F7 when it was at 17.5 Mag using 14 second intergrations and maximum gain, in light polluted brizzy through some thin high level cloud. It was bright and a Mag 18.5 star was there as well.Pity about the cloud as we had to pack up just after we managed to view it for about 3 minutes before it clouded in for the next 3 bloody weeks so we were unable to chase it again. We confirmed this detection with Peter using his star charts. This camera can get to Mag 21 in 56 second intergrations using 10 inch scope and dark skies as what has been done overseas with no stacking or processing. So mag 15 using a good quality cooled CCD camera or astro video system and an 80mm scope is very possible.

Regards Matt.
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