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Originally Posted by [1ponders] View Post
Here's an option that I found worked. I had a similar problem with the 6.3 and the long T adapter and the ATIK16IC trying to get the filter wheel to rotate.

If you take off the large ring from the camera side of the filterwheel and screw it onto the T adapter on the FR side of the wheel you should find that the adapter doesn't interfer with the filter rotation anymore as the ring acts as a spacer.

When you screw the camera on, to achieve correct orientation you will need to adjust it by rotating the CS Adapter in the focuser, rather than using the large ring that is now on the other side.
I tried this and at 1st it looked ok but once you tighten it up it siezes up on the plate itself rather than on the filters (as the whole thing is now back to front). I think the issue is the length of the T Adapter thread that comes with the Meade f3.3 FR. I'll have to play a bit more.
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