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Thanks Glen
Iíve been imaging with both 6Ē and 8Ē newts for 2 years , 5 minute subs and perfect round stars with both DSLR and finder at 45 degrees opposite on topside of the OTA ? I seen both set ups ( magazines , YouTube, astronomy books , you name it ) on top at 45 deg opposite and also directly below along the axis of the OTA like you advised
Mine has been working ok , maybe Iím lucky ??
My DSLR is narrow field so itís useless as a finder, once Iím aligned to the first star with the finder , Iím off and running with EQMOD and Stellarium via my DSLR
I also sometimes do DSO and Planetary imaging on the same night so the finder is a must for me
Everyone has there own system of find and capture , and having both finder and guide scope on board works well for me
Thanks for your input
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