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Yes, your diagrams show the power connections, and I was perhaps a bit harsh in my previous post. The 10A input can take different voltages, e.g. 12V or 24V which could be useful for some people. I've got all my stuff based off 12V, so I didn't consider that at the time.

I did some ebay orders yesterday and I'll have a 15A 12V power supply coming, plus a 5525 splitter cable to go to both inputs. I can then draw 2A for my camera off the top left connection and however many amps for the focuser/heater with the other connection there. That will work for me.

Yes, I got the AUX DIN connectors, but I'd prefer not to mess around with those for now.

As for the USB, that's another ebay order for the right type of connector. I've got 1 which means I can connect to the mount ok, but I need another for the camera.

At least I'm getting all of this sorted out while I wait for the pier, and the weather here hasn't been clear anyway, so I'm not losing nights for testing/usage.

EDIT: I should mention that I'll be able to test with the pier even if the cables haven't arrived as I'll just connect things direct. I just wanted to avoid dangling/dragging cables with the setup.
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