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Hi Chris,

Good to hear that everything is going more or less smooth.

There's a 4th option for connecting which I didn't bother with: RS232.
That is the only connection I use.

I did have a problem with the park function - it didn't do anything.
Yes that seems to be a finicky behaviour of this mounts. I had it at the beginning many months ago and the latest firmware v190318 did solve it.

I would recommend start with the preset parking positions and test them.

For a custom parking position drive to mount to the position you want to have it. Open the Park menu and tell the mount that is your parking position. Then power down the mount. Power it up again and it should be in the memory. Then the next park just tell initialize parking and it should go to the position you chose last time.

I am not at my mounts at the moment but if you still have problems let me know and I can test it for you.

regards Rainer
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