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Camera combination image

Hi all?

I have a question ? I have both a modified and unmodified Canon 350d. I love my modified one for deep space imaging because of its ha sensitivity but the trade off is the lack of color in everything else. My unmodded camera doesnít capture anywhere near the same levels of Ha but does bring out beautiful Oiii blues and yellows etc.

My question is, would there be any benifit to combining subs from both cameras to give my images a better colour range while still capturing the Ha . Effectively like you go about NB combinations. And if so, what would be the best way to combine them ? Will putting into DSS sort it out or will that just average everything out and give me neither ?

And I guess while Iím here Iíll ask ? Is the lack of blues etc simply because the Ha overwhelms the rest ? So theoretically if I took more subs then the blues etc. would start to come through to balance out ?

Thank you for your responses in advance
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