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Lens or scope???

I am still getting into the astro photography side of things so this may be a silly question.

With shorter focal lengths eg 300-400mm, which has better optics a camera lens or an ED or triplet refractor(or better) and why would you chose one over the other?

I have a 100-400L Canon lens and it is razor sharp for sports.
I can mount that on top the ED100 with uide scope on the HEQ5. Or set up a side by side plate. I was looking at an ED80 but do I need it?

I know good L primes cost as much or more than scopes. Do they produce better shots or not? Vignetting is not as big an issue with camera lenses or is it? They have up to 12 elements to play with and refractors 3 to 6.

Hope you can help clarify it all for me.
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