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It's an old st2000xcm. The status display indicated that guiding had been paused during image download however when it resumes the star is completely gone from the guiding window and the camera/mount go ballistic trying to recover the star. My first thought was alignment however I was able to run 3 minute unguided exposures with minimal discernible drift so clearly it's the camera/software.

It's done it to me quite a bit but last night it was every 3-4 subs it would go on the Fritz. Sometimes when it resumed guiding the star would be right on the edge of the guide window and it would take 20s to correct it's position. To than end I added a 45s delay between exposures but once it lost the star completely it just went crazy hunting for it.

I am thinking about installing the dithering add-on to ccdsoft to see if that will change things. Failing that I might install the maximDL demo and see if that helps. Failing even that then I will start looking at an external guiding setup.
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