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Jeez that was quick!

You gents need to PM steveastrouk on CN about getting on board with a parts kits and PCB at cost.

He is going to make up parts kits and PCBs and sell them at cost (plus postage). Obviously the more people onboard the lower the costs. At this stage this is anywhere from $50USD to $70 USD but who knows in the end. Suffice to say I'm not concerned.

From what I can tell the PCB is being re-designed with some improvements (like inbuilt antifog, inbuilt TEC cooling, filter-wheel and case, desiccant etc etc. Probably best to keep following the thread yourselves rather than me repeating it all.

What they are doing is integrating improvement ideas, the camera is already known to work just fine and you could build one with the existing design.

So this re-vamp might take some time...who knows but this will allow me (us) to ramp up for this, gather solvent like DMSO etc.

As I said I'm quite happy to build some PCBs for those who are lacking soldering skills as production batching is much easier than one offs. Just wait till the parts kits & PCBs are available and I can make them up for a few members on this forum.

So, just PM steve and join the parts list and hopefully progress will be made as this project appears to be be gaining momentum rapidly.

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