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I believe the Niokns (Sony) sensors are easy to convert to mono, but this removers the bayer and micro-lens as well.

I have seen some nikon (and Canon) mono conversions over at Stargazerslounge. It appears the Nikons are much easier to "mono-fying". I also believe that a CN member trialled mono-fying some sony sensors from QHY, but, there was an issue with UV light tests damaging/degrading the silicon array, but, this was strong UV light and over a long time.

Though...I cannot see how...I mean UV is attenuated in our atmosphere and the strongest source would be our sun...I don't intend to point this at the sun.

I believe that the drivers may need some re-write to accommodate mono image download as the bayer matrix cells are differently counted to mono? Though this has been mentioned in the CN thread and others are interested in mono as well.

Pretty difficult to obtain these sony sensors and probably even more difficult to obtain mono versions. This is why members are scavenging from Nikons etc.


Edit: SDK for Nikon D70 so BYN has no that'll complicate things. Not really, just wanted to try BYN and this camera (on long exposures) before taking it apart...bummer.

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