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Hi Glen

DMSO solvent is available from fleabay and other sources locally: here, $39 250ml spray (99.9% I think); here fleabay, $22 100ml 70% and so forth.

Kits at this stage for PCBs and parts are from $50 USD to $70USD (at this stage). Depends on numbers and finalisation of layout. Camera..well depends you can buy "damage non working units" cheap, but mine was $86 AUD for a working body, fleabay. 70% grade should be ok.

That said...I should get it soon and test it out first. As said, in general a non working camera unit...its 99.9% likely the sensor is ok, just some other electronic or moving part malfunction causing it not to work.

I'll tentatively mark you are interest #1.


Should say the case design is being looked at for a major revision so this is why it won't be starting soon...but it will happen. A proper CNC'd case may be designed up and sold, but this will not be that cheap...price U/K atm but I'd suggest $200~$300 USD (just a guess).

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