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Originally Posted by rmuhlack View Post
Hi Brendan - any clue as to what the cost will be for the PCB etc? What are you plans for a case?
Hi Richard...not finalised yet but, member steveastrouk (the gent who kindly offered to make up PCB & parts kits for cost...+ P&P) messaged me:

..." We can get decent discounts at 10 off quantities. Looking like around 60-70 USD for all the bits, including the PCB, but not shipping ? There;s still some uncertainty in component specification in the BOM."

Of course this all depends upon the final design. There is talk of re-design into a disc type camera so it can be used with filter wheels, include desiccant and sealed chamber etc. Its getting very interesting indeed.


ahh a post on CN indicates even lower pricing, probably due to greater numbers.

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